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Moths and Light

Welcome to my website! Explore the site to find out more about how I study moth visual evolution, teach about open source tool building and bioinformatics, and help moth citizen science and light pollution conservation! I love collaborative projects and am working with an international team of collaborators. I am always looking for more so feel free to reach out if anything here interests you.
I promote low-cost, open-source tools for science, conservation and knowledge sharing to both reduce inequity and improve accessibility.





My research is about how moths and butterflies sense the world. Moths can hover, escape bird and bat predation by flying incredibly fast and navigate to coloured flowers by starlight. To understand how a moth brain, eyes and sensory systems have evolved to perform these complicated visual tasks, I use an integrative approach looking at their genes, behaviour and in the light of evolution to understand how butterflies’ and moths visual systems function. Like many other nocturnal animals, moths get disoriented and entrapped by light, something often utilized by moth collectors. I study the effects of light pollution on nocturnal insects and how we can combat this issue. I also help with citizen science and biodiversity monitoring in India.


I am happy to chat about moths, science, research
and always looking to collaborate and meet new people.

PhD Yash Sondhi


Biology ResEARCHER